Coal industry; Let's hire Mexican's

Posted: 2/18/2006 by Floyd in

This is big business again trying to rob the American worker,I would agree Mexican's need to be able to work if they are here and legal. This is not something were the business themselves are worried about the Hispanic community,this is an attempt to lower the wage down around seven bucks an hour for going under a mountain and risking your life. Not being properly trained and dying under those mountains,thanks again to the UMWA for input in to this reckless abandon for human life in order to make a quick buck. Just as Tom Miller said this is bull crap, this is a means to lower the wage it is not to benefit the Hispanic community as a whole,the whole of Pike County Ky. might be at about 1% Hispanic and right now there are thousands to actually fill the jobs they are speaking of,plenty enough to take those jobs if this were on the up and up.

AP Wire | 02/18/2006 | Coal company takes heat for suggesting need to recruit Hispanic miners