Chertoff Defends DHS's Dual Role - Yahoo! News

Posted: 2/13/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

What this is,is BS Mike Brown was fired but what happened after that? New Orleans is still like it was six months ago it just got rid of the water,Chertoff is also the one who thought the Mexican military fighting with border patrols were O.K.. All that is happening here is more talk we need someone who will take control of the situtation and do something about it,the least thing we need is another PR man.

Chertoff Defends DHS's Dual Role - Yahoo! News

Ex-FEMA Leader Faults Response by White House - New York Times

Within reason: Wired News


  1. Chertoff is an idiot...more proof that Bush tries to Lawyer Everything..and sometimes that doesn't work...
    I can't wait to read the Report- it comes out Wednesday.... ( Katrina Report)

  1. Floyd says:

    I agree and the report should be a real eye-opener,Chertoff is just there to collect a pay-check anyone following the news would listen to nothing this guy had to say.