All in one toolbar

Posted: 2/09/2006 by Floyd in

The all-in-one-toolbar for the net,since I downloaded this toolbar I would have to say it is the best out there,search from Google,Yahoo,MSN,Dogpile,Amazon,you name it and it has it. If you are looking for an all search engine toolbar,look no further. I have been using this thing for about seven months with no problems using firefox,I am going to download the IE-version to see how it works,just thought I would blog it and give you guys a link out there and like I said this one is the best. Well I downloaded it for IE-7 the new Internet Explorer and so far it works good on it to,this is the brand new beta-2 version of IE works just as good as the one I have in Firefox. But everyone is not the same I like it because of all the options you have and all the search engines you have at your finger-tips,I did not know if it would even work with IE-7 but it does so far. Microsoft has made a lot of improvements with IE-7 it is by far a better browser than IE-6 or to me it is.

Groowe Search Toolbar : IE & Firefox Toolbar : Google toolbar for Firefox, Yahoo toolbar, MSN toolbar and other, all in one single browser companion

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