Adding fuel to the fire

Posted: 2/09/2006 by Floyd in

Facing some opposition in his own Republican party Flecther continues his crusade against pervailing wage, in the state of Kentucky. He will be up for election in 2007 what he is doing is trying to drum up big business support,while throwing salt in our face. Flecthers poll numbers now hovering at about 36% approval rating. O.K I found another link it is hovering around 31%,heck of a job Ernie but he has till 2007 it could turn around? To many Union members here Ernie,you can start packing early if you want,because we do not want your scab BS here, even in Laurel County a Republican stronghold,lot of Unions around there Ernie. With the attorney general investigating your hiring practices that alone should keep you busy instead of running around trying to undermind the wage oh I should say a fair wage,a union wage.

Lexington Herald-Leader | 02/08/2006 | Fletcher continues quest for repeal of wage law