Was Wal-Mart's Anti-Union Image Used as a Shield? - New York Times

Posted: 1/09/2006 by Floyd in

This story in the times is about the former second-ranking executive,when he left his job he got himself a $1700 laptop he later charged to Wal-Mart claims he got it for the union project. I am in this guys corner before he left he ended up bilking them for somewhere in the $500,000 range. You see Wal-Mart in its greed to keep out unions and keep benefits and wages substandard lost focus I just wish the guy had got more off them,this is one greedy company and that my friends is why it hates the unions so much and in their blind greed this guy used against them is so smart of this guy. Wal-Mart has hid behind the Made In America sign for so long a lot of Americans think it might be true,so read this article and to you Mr. Coughlin,good job buddy I just wish you had got a lot more,the only thing that bothers me is we will have to pay for it.

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