- Rx plan is failing to help the neediest

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0 - Rx plan is failing to help the neediest
Every time you turn on the T.V. or your computer you are bombarded with this new part-D Medicare,one day they say it is free the next day it has a deductible and as I traced about trying very hard to get to the bottom of this I found that there is a deductible involved of $250 a year. But in this link above it leads one to believe that it is free or that it is for most americans and that is not true folks this is complicated as heck and to tell you the truth I do'nt know if we will ever figure it out. It seems like the one who wrote this is some kind of long politician that is covering every loophole there is but could not they could have broken it down to the cold hard truth? They will take an amount out of the Social Security check monthy,we will pay a $250 deductible and remember the two previous things are subject to change in other words they will increase . There are a lot of plans out there and it is so confusing it ain't funny,so I guess the question would be will they eventually fix it, maybe they will but I doubt it very much. The health care system is very close to being broke in this country and I would suspect it will not get better anytime soon as the ones on medicare part-B it increases yearly, we have a raise in this thing every year,no exceptions and why would this plan be any different. If they tell you something is free nine times out of ten they are pulling your leg,I would say close to 20% of my income is medical but that is not all, you have your electric,water,etc.etc. and do not forget the phone without that we do not have internet,my internet service right now is only $9.95 a month I can not afford DSL though it would be nice. As long as you are able to work you can get by well,if you watch yourself on buying things, and when you retire or get disabled from your job look out buddy you can not help the company anymore so they throw you to the dogs. My sister has lung cancer she is taking treatments at the time being kimo-therapy, and was unable to return to work,the medicare folks told her she would have to wait 24 months to get the medicare card,yes that is two years and would you guess what her insurance is to continue on,well that figure is in the neighborhood of $2200 a month the last I heard, she is in the process of shopping around but has not found anything reasonable,she is right close to 60 years old and has paid medicare since she was 17 years old. This is only one brief horror story of medicare,so do I think they are telling us everything they should? You bet your bottom dollar they are not.
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Instead of posting again I will put this link in that I found today in TIME, and it gives a more detailed outline of the plan it gives the money involved not to mention the headaches. They think it might be a liability in the upcoming elections,I call it normal Republican politics,and guys if we turn the congress and senate around "lame duck" session begins,well what do you know about that. The GOP's Medicare Drug Problem -- Page 1