- Medicare drug benefit costly for some poor

Posted: 1/13/2006 by Floyd in

[All this is becoming a big mess,the poor are paying more than ever and I did not sign up for this because I knew it would be nothing but a mess. Bottom line is they want 30 sum odd dollars out of your Social Security check,they want a $250 a year deductiable,they will cover(they say,you see how that is going)75% cost up to $2,000,after this they pay nothing up until I think it is in the neighborhood of $4,000,but do not quote me on that one. However after a two hour phone wait to see who knows(if anybody)what to do,you might get something,also the $30 some odd dollars will continue to be taken out of your check regardless,and will also add this figure will rise just like I would say your part B is doing now.]