- Has Citgo become a political tool for Hugo Chvez?

Posted: 1/12/2006 by Floyd in

[One big standout in this article is: Last year a dozen U.S.senators asked 10 major oil companies to donate a portion of their RECORD PROFITS to help the poor. Only Citgo responded,that says a lot for me even though this guy dislikes Bush and is friendly with Castro,they helped the poor with heating and today the program expands to homeless shelters and Native American tribes in Maine. Friday,Rhode Island gets its initial delivery. What does this say? Well where are the other nine oil companies,simple they are running to the bank with their loot and charging us inflated gas prices. Which are starting to climb again because of oil on the rise,,,,well they can not blame it on a Hurricane this time.]



  1. A Venezuelan columnist revealed that the Bolivia's President elect, Evo Morales, flew to Spain and France in a Citgo corporation jet.

    The airplane, a Falcon 200EX with American plate N-977-CP, was graciously lent by Citgo’s de facto chairman and Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez-Frías.

    It’s so good to be a socialist President. You fly for free in big-oil-company jets and on top of that, you get your own complimentary security service.

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