- Democrats accuse Alito of inconsistent views

Posted: 1/11/2006 by Floyd in

[Supreme Court being pushed to the "right" endangering the rights of women,once these guys get in the supreme court they can stay till they die or want to leave. This is very important to us,and in pushing the court to the "right" it will take very conservative views and that is not mainstream America. Roe v Wade is simply there to protect womens rights abortion should be decided on between a woman and her family,this statement does not mean that I am for abortion,it simply means that it is up to the individual themselves. This is a court we will have to live with for some time to come,but really it does not matter what questions are asked because the Republicans have a majority and in the end he will be confirmed so this is just a procedure,the GOP blindly follows ever who may be the leader at the time all that will suffer are the American people and moreso if you are female..]