The twelve miners found,but only one survivor

Posted: 1/04/2006 by Floyd in

What a beauracratic mess going on here in West Virginia,this is tragic the rescue team had put out false information and someone got thier wires crossed and a miscommunication which went to the command center was not correct. Now they are saying they do'nt know how that information got out? This is unbelievable at it's best the hopes and dreams of these families were crushed tonight due to this it is now 3:12 a.m just a while ago celebration was taking place and the families got caught up in the false hope that thier loved ones had survived,I just saw those hopes dashed and it is sickening to me at this point, although I am so glad that at least one was found alive am glad in this sense that his family might find some relief. I myself was so elated when I heard the news I was happy to know that the families waiting down there in West Virginia and to hear and see them(CEO) now standing there passing the buck as usual,I mean it do'nt take a massive intellect to know these things but to let this bad information continue for three hours is complete out of touch communication it seems that it's run like the federal government noone seems to know what the other is doing,Ka-sa-ra-sa-rah.
I can't get over this if you make a mistake just own up to it do'nt go on with long speeches trying somehow to justify what happened,you just F***** up admit it and go on. But try and speek words that might help thier families cope with this trama,but please remember the one who is clinging to life at this time and hope for his speedy recovery.