The treatment of heroes

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While skipping around the net today I have found a lot but one story caught me,well in back of my mind I thought it was so but finally it has come out in the press. This is the story of one of these heroes who came back from Iraq unable to walk and in this article he tells some of his dealings with the system,and how he was treated and also this is in no means an isolated event this happens to a great majority of our troops. He took a hit in Iraq that severed his spine and he took another hit from the way we or I should say the higher ups deal with these situtations,he said he felt as though he had been used. What seems always so ironic is after something like this comes out it is said,,oh we did not realize this was occuring we want to make it right. As I have stated earlier this not being an isolated event and has happened to numerous others who are serving our country and happen to get injured,or even worse killed. And when the story happens to get out in the mainstream media the where are the ones who are supposed to be watching and seeing what is going on in the ranks of our soldiers who are wounded for our country? Not only did this military veteran pay the price and very high it was,but his family suffered also by dealing with the system. Do we uphold our heroes or do we after they get injured throw them to the wolves?
ABC News: 'Nightline' Investigation: Wounded Soldiers Told They Owe Money to Army


That Isn't Right


  1. And now sadly since Bob Woodruff and his cameraman have been wounded, maybe just maybe What goes on for those that have been injured will be exposed and appreciated. I live in an urban region where I have met a fair number of VETS and have been horrified at how they have been treated and what their lives are alike upon return....thanks for posting on this...

  1. Floyd says:

    Right you are on that one,america should hang her head in shame for hurting those who helped us,they are in the same boat as the middle-class on things happening,the ones who always bear the burdens of failed and rubber-stamped agendas.