Sunni Rights and Wrongs in Iraq - New York Times

Posted: 1/02/2006 by Floyd in

In elections based on a democratic vote you still have winners and losers it took us over 200 years and we're still working on it. Sunni Arabs have dominated Iraq since after World War-1,but in a democracy the majority rules,what they need to adopt is what we have and that is a Supreme Court which is where one person can have an idea such as,oh let's see since I do'nt approve of my kid praying in school I do'nt want the other 90% who do want to pray in school to do it niether. Using this tryed and true method the Sunni still could remain in control of Iraq. We also have had contested elections in our country but not at the level of Iraq,the people who ran there for office won by a substantial margin it was'nt that close of an election. But I still remember the tales that started to come out of Iraq before this election one of them being a truck load of ballots from Iran and fraud is possiable but with all the observers,about 120,000 strong fraud seems unlikely. But they have taken thier first step with democrarcy and they've already started bickering.


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