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Posted: 1/09/2006 by Floyd in

The media keeps digging around trying to make this Abramoff scandal a two party affair and trying to find something to lay equal blame well here is a news flash there is no so called equal blame and anyone following the news will figure the mess out,Americans are not dumb we are intelligent people able to define our own destiny and will sort through all this and come to a conclusion. Alito is in the news another believer that if abortion is illegal then therefore we will not have anymore abortion,all a repeal of Roe v Wade will do is cause the act to be done in dark allys of this country under substandard and dangerous means the only people who suffer are the women of this country. The good thing that has emerged lately is that the charities are doing rather well since this thing broke and to that I am grateful but do you think this would have happened if they had never got caught? I do not intend to intergrate sarcasm to this but it is a legitimate question I believe they would have run to the bank with thier loot,and why do we have a legislature or why do we even need warrants? If we throw one thing out the window why not something else,what I'm saying is where do you draw the line do we exempt people of power to do as they wish or do we whittel it to excelsior and burn it? This body armor our men and women need in a war torn foriegn country has been talked about and debated for months I urge you to read the posts on coldflame and oneveteransvoice two which have spoken out on this critical issue the armor needs to be addressed just cause it has died down within the news does not make it go away,any life saved because of better armor is worth it I would be willing to pay more tax to save a life. I am not one who hides behind religion because God wants us to be at peace if at all it would be possible because Jesus was a man of peace and of love and the troops are always in my prayers and hope that they all safely come home to America,we at times do not agree on things but in the end I am grateful to the fact we are free and we are Americans who will get through this.


  1. Jim says:

    I have heard that if Roe v. Wade is rejected by the Feds, it will pass down to each and every state to decide whether they will permit abortions. Can you imagine what a mess that would be, if say just California or just Massachusetts allowed for abortions?

  1. Jim says:

    By the way, thanks for the link !

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks coldflame,this abortion thing if you think about it should be up to the woman and her family to decide,there would be abortions performed in alleys or other unclean places and it would be taking a step backwards in women's right's. The woman should know what she wants to accomplish and if she can afford the responsibility of taking care of a baby,but these people who so want this over-turned I cannot see any reasoning behind it,I am religious also but do not see myself forcing my beliefs on fellow Americans,every woman must decide in her heart what she must do in these cases. In the view of the "right" it is always about control,their argument is the "left" wants bigger government but the way I see it the "right" wants control of our everday lives,and if this is the choice then I will stay left,without liberty we have nothing.