The Sago Mine Disaster - New York Times

Posted: 1/05/2006 by Floyd in

Very good article about the disater at the Sago mine in West Virginia,the safety violations alone tell a haunting story and reference to looking byond big coal to the interests of those who risk thier lives,is just about getting it right. I also like the reference to the Union because before the Union came there was no money to speak of and the danger was far greater,the Sago mine was non-union but whether or not it played a factor we do not know at this time,but the fines that Sago paid $24,000 is just big business fashion and I was not surprised to see it. With the Union you could file a grevience and also bring to the attention of the ceo and managers the dangerous conditions there. This is exactly why big business and the Bush administration hate the unions so much because at best you have a voice in dealing with the issues such as safety and if you feel your life is unduly put in danger you can voice it. But this jargon has always been thus with the Republicans they always favor big business and do nothing to help in labor because big business is where thier interests lie,and whether we have the junior Bush as president or another "right-winger" when ever a stike happens see where thier interests are in the matter,I can tell you one thing they will not support labor on any issue, when voting there are some things that I do not agree with within the democratic party but also I am glad that I am able to see the political agenda, and base my vote on that. I remember when they were trying to get the union in at my dad's mine where he worked ,he had lost a finger and a rock fall had once put him in the hospital for three weeks and during those times we were unsure he would even pull through,but he did recover and came to support the union and a lot of safety issues at the mine where he worked was resolved,the companies even hired gun thugs to intimidate the miners in Harlan and Perry counties and a lot died during those times in Kentucky,but eventually the union prevailed in a lot of cases, and times got a little better but mining is always risky and very dangerous,you can not take all the danger out of mining but it can be made safer.