Public unaware?

Posted: 1/31/2006 by Floyd in

Well here we go I have to post something on this and what it is concerning is the media coverage of our soldiers who die in Iraq. On Larry King tonight a panel was discussing the journalist who was injured by a road-side bomb in Iraq,Bob Woodruff and his camera man were both seriously injured but are in stable condition at this time in Germany. A caller called in and I am not going to say from what state she was from because it is unimportant at this time and would like to touch on the matter at hand,caller=why does not the media show more about the american soldiers who are wounded or killed in Iraq?,and basically the soldiers also should get media attention,she further elaberated on the King doing a great job on fighting terrorism there. The panel then informed her the soldiers do not get this attention because the media are "banned by the U.S government to do so,they further enlightened the public that they are not allowed to show the coffins,burials,funerals etc,etc. Now this happened to the media as everyone should know very early on in this mess,but just think how ill-informed the public is on a simple thing the government has done such as this. Now let me give you my take on this if I may,if it upsets the family to show these pictures I would go along with that fully but not for this kind of control even over the media of this country by the government,like the caller that was unaware of this and wondering why she did not see more coverage of this in the mainstream media,I would wonder how many more americans are out of the loop? Do we just go and blindly cast a vote for whoever and wake up one day and some news reporter has to tell us how our country is being run? One day america will wake up and some caller will call one of these talk shows about let us say getting an abortion, and will be informed that became illegal two years ago,you know what I think is everyone should start blogging maybe then they can become more informed of what is going on,,WAKE UP AMERICA AND BECOME AWARE OF WHAT'S GOING ON.

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