More GOP Woes in Kentucky

Posted: 1/02/2006 by Floyd in

The newspaper poll in September showed a 54% disapproved of Governor Fletcher's job proformance while 38% approved of it,this info. taken from the Middlesboro Daily News dated 31 Dec 2004. Gov. Ernie Fletcher who happens to be the first Republican governor in 30 years in the state of Kentucky,has been haunted by a hiring scandel throughout the last half of 2005. A Franklin grand jury has indicted 13 current and former members of Flecther's administration and associates on misdemeanor charges related to the investigation. In August of last year Flecther pardoned nine people specifically and gave blanket amnesty to anyone in his administration,heading into his third legislative session,his ability to sway lawmakers on things such as his expected budget proposal and plans to further "tweak" the state tax code are uncertain
at this time. heading into '06 among other things he wants to make Kentucky more business friendly,he also wants to build a new arena in Louisville and another at the Kentucky Horse Park,
in Lexington. Flecther has some ground to make up he's up for reelection in 2007,Phil Laemmle,a
University of Louisville science professor stated,"Flecther clearly is in a weakened state." In addition he would face obstacles of election-year politics. State represenative J.R. Gray,said the investigation had stunted Flecther's ability to lead,"It's going to be extremely tough for him personally to move anything." Link to previous post= Within reason: GOP woes in Kentucky