Medicare Woes Take High Toll on Mentally Ill - New York Times

Posted: 1/21/2006 by Floyd in

[More trouble for the Medicare Drug Plan that is in clear need of immediate help,this is a plan that I myself did not apply for because I knew it would be infamous for its inaffectiveness,and they would charge me 30+ dollars a month for it which in no doubt of mine will raise yearly. Most of the stories have to do with the poor and they were enrolled in the plan automatically,

this story in the times has to do with the assisted living individuals,and how they are not able to get their medicine. This also takes place in the state of Florida,at least 24 states have taken measures to pay for the perscriptions,but Florida is not among these states,thanks Jeb.


Within reason: States Intervene After Drug Plan Hits Early Snags - New York Times

Within reason: - Medicare drug benefit costly for some poor