Low income heating assistance

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Earlier this month Democrat Rep. Rick Nelson co-sponsered House Bill 283,it would bolster the state's Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) funding with $5 million in immediate aid from the state's budget reserve,or "rainey day,"trust fund. kentucky would join a number of states including Pennsylvania and Virginia that supplement the federal LIHEAP,a lack of federal funding for the 2005-2006 LIHEAP program has left many states scrambling to meet their citizens low-income heating assistance needs. This legislation will help hundreds of Kentuckians who face losing heating assistance before the cold days of winter are over,the $2.7 million in state LIHEAP funds now available to meet peak demand will only last about two weeks. Nelson said "People are having to make difficult decisions about whether to buy food,medicine or pay for heat.
They should'nt have to make those choices." HB 283 also proposes that regulated utilities report to the Kentucky Public Service Commision each year on their participation in and planning for residential weatherization and low income heating assistance programs. HB 283 is being considered during the 2006 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly. The session itself with extend through mid-April. My thanks to Rick for co-sponsering this legislation
any thing we can do to help those who are truly in need deserve our thanks,this is the same represenative who pushed for companies to be resonsiable for their hiring of illegal aliens and sponsered a bill to hold companies at fault for hiring procedures of these illegals. See the post on bill sponser.
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