Lost Time, Lost Lives in the Mine - New York Times

Posted: 1/11/2006 by Floyd in

[The bottom line of this story is it took aprox. 12 hrs. for the rescue team to assemble and begin decending into the mine. Why not pick or hire and train a group of miners to work at your facility but also some to be trained in rescue procedures. this is not difficult,example; you employ 60 people why not out of those 60,choose a rescue team and train them in procedures to use during a cave-in or explosion? A company I worked for personally had 152 employees,chemicals were involved here at this facility and I happened to be one of the ten who were on a team if such an accident would happen,we were trained went to school for it,had siminars for it and had mock drills for it,we new what to do and not to mention equipment for it. Surely they have not sit around doing nothing,but that is basically what this article is saying and surely this is not true but if it is they need to take a serious look at thier procedures. Tuesday in Pikeville,Ky. one miner was killed when a roof collasped about 900 feet inside the mine and this particular mine has had 114 citations since November 2004,the company has paid $1,788 which is 26% of what is owed being $6,925 in fines. Maybe we need more enforcement or stiffer penaltys for these companies for them to get on board of this safety issue?]

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