Jobs in America an industry in turmoil

Posted: 1/02/2006 by Floyd in

Coal mining still remains dangerous long after they started back before 1920, I was reading a story on Cnn how miners are trapped in West Virginia and was thinking how my own father was almost killed in the coal mines several times,he lost one of his fingers and got a couple of cracked discs in his back in his some odd forty years in there. He started in the mines when the UMWof A was a young organization it might be a lot differant now but in the 40's and 50's when the union was taking hold good here it was a good thing,I am for the labor union's now I've said it that is another problem I have over the so called "right agenda" do you honestly believe that big business would take money out of it's proffitts to pay a decent wage? Here lately the administration has declined the steel industry of competing in this market and the fact of the matter is we cannot compete with cheap China steel which at the current will drive American steel out of business,the wages in China I will say are slightly cheaper than ours do'nt you agree? Now ask yourself how can we compete with this scab steel in here? It's always the same, side with big business over labor,it was always thus this is a disagreement I have with the "right" you can't blindly follow an agenda if half the country do'nt know what's going on,I for one do not look forward to standing in an unemployment line just so big business can cut a break. The coal companies before the UMWofA came along owned the land they owned the store and of note they also owned the house they called them "camp houses," a little history lesson they were lucky (the miners) to get five or ten dollars a day,also when you buy a shirt or pants read the label you're paying anywhere from 12/35 dollars for an item that cost maybe a dollar or two to make in some sweat shop in Bangladesh. If we can't market our own goods in America how pray tell are we helping our economy? I heard on the news about a month or so ago of a business man in Pennslyvania that was in process of building a plant to convert coal into gasoline,they went on to say the German's had the technology in World War-2 I'm glad that a few are out there trying to develop more technology on how to use our own resources here at home. My prayers are with the trapped miners in West Virginia and hope they get out very soon to be with thier loved ones and hope evryone reading this blog prays for thier safety also.