Iraq War Statistics as of January 2006: "Darker" and More "Dire" Than White House Accounts

Posted: 1/31/2006 by Floyd in

Tonight is our state of the union address and wondering if the body armor issue will come up? I hope that it does because it is a serious issue and offers protection to our troops,as the pentagon study has already showed that soldiers could have been saved through this armor. Today in the paper I read that the savings in america is in the negative,first time since 1932 or to say during the depression the paper down played it but think the first time since the great depression the savings of americans are depleted. The prices on durable goods have been on the increase we do not need a study to show us this we can go down to our local Wal-Mart or Lowe's to see for ourselves,also the price of gas hovering still over $2 a gallon the price of a sack of potatos now at almost five bucks or over. The cost of war in Iraq has skyrocketed and do not see any end soon,
our troops dying daily and needing body armor to help them stay alive,it seems Iraq is painting a dark picture indeed and it seems that we should come up with some exit strategy to get the heck out of there,I keep hearing they are training the Iraqis to take over but all it is,it is just talk we need action and less talk we need a clear plan to go by Iraq and we need a clear exit to get out of there.
Iraq War Statistics as of January 2006: "Darker" and More "Dire" Than White House Accounts

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