Iraq: The rebuild

Posted: 1/24/2006 by Floyd in

A $25 billion dollar American effort in Iraq has already come uder distress because of basically the
bureaucratic infighting,secrets and constantly increasing security costs this according to the preliminary draft. So the elctions are over in Iraq and now comes the time to try to rebuild what bombs have done earlier,and the oil Iraq has for exports has taken a dive due partly by the sabotage to oil and gas pipelines and it has actually dipped below pre-war levels. The total cost for the war in life and money is quite a big price for us to pay,after all our military has bore the brunt of the action in Iraq and according to a study for the pentagon which concludes that our military is wearing thin due to rotations in Iraq the Army is overextended. The military in not reaching its goals, the military has come up with a few things but mostly comes in the form of money,it is uping the ante on enlistment personel offering bigger money to enlist in the military and offering bigger money also to re-enlist. They are trying to make up the dif. if they can amid all of this you add on that Ford is closing some 14 plants with a hint of more to come,and then you think can we afford all that is coming on us. The oil that was supposed to be in Iraq to help on the rebuilding of the country they now are exporting less oil than before the war,so how we rebuild? And where will the money come from?

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