Internet Explorer 7: Tour of new features

Posted: 1/31/2006 by Floyd in

Link to take a tour of IE 7-beta-2 you can tour the new features or download it for yourself,I have just downloaded it myself but at this time can not make an example,on bugs,however it does have tabbed browsing very similar to firefox. It seems to be a good browser so far but use at your own risk,it seems to be very stable and I like a lot of it's changes and it has made major changes from the previous version,check it out.
Internet Explorer 7: Tour of new features

Follow up on IE 7-beta-2,the new version of internet explorer I will stay with firefox because I have encountered some bugs with the new explorer,which they probably will work out at a later date,#1-when forcing it to open on a window it brings up firefox? #2-I found will trying to view newsburst the columns run together? The Icons are very small,but it leaves you with more

space,I like the feed item that you have which is you just click on a feed and it adds it. The tabbed browsing in which borrowed from firefox works good,but some security features slows down loading pages. There may be more bugs but did not run it for a long time,some have loaded it and ran for a few minutes and crashed,mine did not crash but I started firefox back up. If the bugs will be worked out it would be O.K. the icons are a little small for me though.
Follow up Febuary 9,2006= In blogger when I am writing a post I have to write in (Edit Html)for it to show what I am typing,I do not know if they will get a fix for this but it is annoying. Also it is not good with handeling html in other words,like in Firefox you simply high-light the html copy it from browser edit and paste where-ever you want too I have not been able to do this with IE-7,but it is still in the testing stage it has not crashed on me yet have been using it on and off for a couple of weeks now.So far the Groowe toolbar I downloaded has worked with it.