In Preview of G.O.P. Campaign, Rove Tears Into Democrats - New York Times

Posted: 1/20/2006 by Floyd in

[As fall is slowly but surely approaching,and the GOP feeling the heat coming on,of all the guys that could attack us verbally,I admit this one has got to be the best.]



  1. Jim says:

    Now that Rove thinks it's OK to speak in public(if you can call the RNC public), our comments shouldn't go beyond this : Why weren't you fired when the President said he would remove anyone involved in outing a CIA agents?

    It's a considerable irony that he plans to extol the Republican's efforts at National Security when he is the prime example of an official violating that trust, and for such lame, shabby reasons.

    It's almost as ironic as having the backers of an AWOL President attack Kerry and Murtha. I think Rove revels in these offenses.