Health Care A West Virginia Project

Posted: 1/28/2006 by Floyd in

We should be watching Gov. Joe Manchin (D) of West Virginia taking on health care in his state,this is ongoing everywhere but it is good to know that some are resonding to what amounts to a National problem,and so many are unwilling to take on this task. Over the past weeks we have seen West Virginia in the mainstream media on the Sago mine disaster and another of a fire on a belt line in a mine in Logan County,the governor is also, with the help of his other colleagues
in his state, improving mine safety by making available more breathing equiptment and a system to track miners underground. The health care under Gov. Manchin is to have up to eight clinics to launch a pilot program across the state,this would allow the low income individuals of the state to get basic health care for as litlle as $1.00 and would help on the treatment of the poor in the state,the poor in any state are always hit the hardest of all it generally comes down between their medication and food. A lot of government officials talk of starting or of doing something about the medical costs but they are seldom seen doing anything about the problem,a lot of critics have hit the Hillary Clinton plan but any plan is better than none at all, and with all the problems the administration is having with the Medicare part D plan of theirs I see no reason that they can point a finger at anyone these days.
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