Gov. Flecther,showing his true colors

Posted: 1/18/2006 by Floyd in

Republican Gov. Ernie Flecther,got boos and rants from the state capital by hundred's of protesters today in Frankfurt. The state operated without a budget in 2004 because of a standoff between Flecther and the house over modifications to Kentucky's tax code. But this one is Union related and Flecther made reducing hourly wages for blue-collar tradesmen employed on public construction projects a key component of his proposed budget for the next two years. As he walked with his wife he was booed loudly by union protesters and I will add hundreds showed up,and I for one was happy to see all the unity in large numbers. The hundreds of protesters were audible during the address and they filled the capital and halls,let us hope his 38% poll rating holds up we can vote him out at the next election,this is basiclly a plan to repeal the state's pevailing wage law and a "right to work" plan that would open union shops to nonunion workers,more than 500 blue-collar workers came to the capital on Tuesday night
the Rotunda being filled to capacity,

and spilling onto the grounds outside,to oppose both measures,it was a beautiful site to see. But this my friends is typical right wing politics and anywhere they find to help companies and take money out of our pockets then that is the road they take. I would say that we have learned a valuable lesson here in Kentucky which had a Democratic governor for the last three decades and the very minute a right wing is elected they screw up God's creation,but at least I have learned part of the radical rights agenda,start a war,keep all the money you can from the middle-class,and hurt all unions because with those things the middle-class will get brazen and they might make to much money,yeah I almost forgot try and give big business like Wal-Mart a break and let the state's Medicaid pick up the tab. yeah that is some agenda.
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