Flecther taking on Medicaid

Posted: 1/19/2006 by Floyd in

Gov. Flecther on wednesday set out to rehape medicaid,this program covers more than 700,000 Kentuckians. The overhaul could reap savings over $1 billion dollars over seven years.
"This is a landmark occurrence in the state," Flecther said. The state-federal health insurance program covers poor,elderly and disabled Kentuckians and covers in a nut shell one out of three Kentucky children and one out of seven seniors age 65 or over. There will be four health plans tailored to different groups of people covered by medicaid,each recipient will be automatically enrolled in a plan and of cource they will be contacted by mail to inform them of the changes. Flecther brags that his plan could become the model for the nation,and now the good stuff; Copayments will apply to some services and perscriptions,this ESTIMATE would be $1.00/$10.00 per service and or perscription and the maximum out-of-pocket would be around $225.00 a year,recipients will not lose sevices but there could be limits,perscriptions will be limited to four per month,hmm,though some chronic diseases would be exempt. Another key component will be to help medicaid eligible people pay premiums for private health insurance plans offered by employers. On this last key issue most of the Kentuckians that are on this plan are disabled and or can not work,the last component listed is basically useless to the majority on this card they get a monthly check of about $600,and they have to pay their electric,water,etc. out of this income,this shows how out of touch the represenatives of this state are and you always notice in these things they never define what is a chronic disease? This is a way to milk the poor of this state that only get as I have said about $600 a month these people can not afford to get anything as it is and now they get hit with this slap in the face. I would venture to guess that as years go by the price of perscriptions,doctor visits,etc.etc. will increase case and point the Medicare card which increases yearly.
Within reason: Gov. Flecther,showing his true colors