EPA wants a testing ground?

Posted: 1/26/2006 by Floyd in

Of all the things to run into on the internet today I found a good one,and to tell you the truth I am glad I did, this shows what people are capable of today. I have dealt with this agency on a personal level and have got nowhere with them concerning a pollution problem created ultimately by a mining company who hired loggers to log above my tract of land,they left the area a mess and clogged and polluted a stream that goes by my house in the process. But enough on their ineffectiveness,the matter at hand is this; They want to experiment with pesticides,,on human beings,yes you read this right you can read the article for yourself from the link below and the way I read it pregnant women,and children. Maybe I'm looking at this or interpeting it wrong I sure hope I am. "Children could be exposed to intentional doses of pesticides to test their responses under the new EPA final draft plan.""The administrations plan is inconsistent with the law passed by Congress with bypartisan support,"said senator Boxer. The EPA administrator Stephen Johnson upholds pesticide experiments by saying it is needed to base their regulations . Read this entire article how the Bush administration is trying to allow this and actually overriding the law enacted by Congress,well that is enough searching for today I am glad all my readers can get the scope on this,actually I am afraid I might find something worse but highly unlikely this is pretty darn bad.
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