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Posted: 1/22/2006 by Floyd in

[This concerns enviromental issues to be heard at the Supreme Court level,I myself have had a problem on the sort of logging taking place above my land and thereby causing eriosion and they have clogged a stream that runs by my house several times. My rant is this I do not know if any of you have ever dealed with the EPA but in my opinion they are worthless,how do I know you may ask? I have called them to their regional office of my area and can not get anything out of them on what is basically creating a hazard and pulluting water,not to mention the run-off of muddy erosion of the land and now it is damaging my property itself. I have even contacted Senator's and congressmen of this state to no avail,the damage done in Kentucky is great and no one wants to address the problem including the state government and the EPA. But I will add that I hope better enviromental laws are enacted in the future,because if it keeps going on as it is we will be living in a barren wasteland.]

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  1. Alex says:

    :( as scientist and nature lover, I find most environmental news depressing.