Deer hunting

Posted: 1/26/2006 by Floyd in

I thought I would post this to my blog knowing that there are a lot of deer hunters and deer hunting going on in this state,my sister's son has killed four so far this year and most of the time we do not eat them but we do'nt waste them either. We generally end up butchering them and giving the meat away but it is good to put in chili it makes some good tasting chili,but the matter at hand is the article I found while doing some browsing today and that being deer meat could have something similar to mad cow disease. Of course this has'nt been proved to my knowing but we do not want to take chances,a lot of deer are hunted within the area of Kentucky I am in and basically it is a state wide sport. The article states that the University of Kentucky was involved with the procedings on this diagnosis,this will hinder our hunt because we do not believe in just killing the animal and letting it go to waste,the last one I helped Dave butcher was about a month ago but after reading the article I'm kinda ify on the whole thing.
Reuters Health Information (2006-01-26): Deer muscle a source of infectious prions