A day of honor

Posted: 1/16/2006 by Floyd in

A day to honor one of America's great leader's and advocater of liberty and freedom,first of all let me say that personally I do not know first hand the cruelty of segregation but do know of the plight it has left on our nation,and am glad that Dr. King and others like him spoke out and not only changed america but changed the world not through war and strife but through peace. The words of Dr. King now echo in our history with his famous "I have a dream" speech,one of the great upholders of liberty and freedom and all our words today can not come close to express his love of liberty and freedom. We need so many more like King today who would stand up for liberty and the freedoms of our country who do not always follow the status quo,but manage to rise above it and chant,,I stand for liberty I stand for freedom,and I stand for the ideals that this country was built on and in Dr. Kings great moments of history what did he actually stand for? He stood for an america where freedom and equality walked hand and hand with mother liberty leading the way. America does not put her liberty and freedom on the back burner for the sake of much speeking whose end is naught,what do you say we maybe just maybe,give up on some of our liberty. Let us put more trust in our politicians they will guide us and they will always know best and it is in that hope that we cope from day to day,hoping that tomorrow will be better and praying we do not turn on the tube and another liberty is tramped under foot. Today I salute a man that had the courage to stand up and say I am for liberty and bucked the status quo and today if we all just read a little about his marches or speeches,then we ourselves could see that dream.
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