AP Wire | 01/16/2006 | Bill targets Wal-Mart over health care costs

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[Greedy Wal-Mart taking a hit to would you say ante-up on health care,West Virginia following Maryland's lead and Kentucky set a bill last week. It seems that if they do not pay a percent on employee insurance,they must make up the diff. in Medicaid an insurance for the poor,and while I am on the subject I believe that an opinion writer in U.S.News and World Report,tried to make a link between Wal-Mart and G.M which was called the Wal-Mart model,and am wondering how he looks at his model now? I do not know how anyone could sleep good at night while telling the american people hey we screwed you by not paying you enough,and the UAW is so bad because they have health care and make decent money,do editorials really expect the average american to believe this crap? Do you know what it means when you break through the hog wash: It means you should be happy and grateful to make eight bucks an hour if you are lucky,and to clear up the lies what hurt GM was the foreign car market,and GM has been dying since the 1980's but seems like it is still selling trucks,a company can not stay in business and not make money,thanks to the Maryland Democrats who overrode the conservative governor on this much needed legislation,thank you Democrats for standing up for the workers of this country.]

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  1. Great blog I hope we can work to build a better health care system as we are in a major crisis and health insurance is a major aspect to many.