AP Wire | 01/05/2006 | Both Kentucky senators, one congressman donating lobbyist's money

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[Kentucky Republicans take a hit as Abramoff sings like a canary,besides Senators McConnell & Bunning,and congressman Hal Rogers being involved,it also seems that the Kentucky Republican Party got $10,000 from the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan,all have said to donate the money to charity.]

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  1. fc says:

    yeah, the charities are making out like crazy with all the Abramoff money flooding the market... grin... I would have to start another list to keep up with them. I think I will just start making notes on the ones who don't give the money back. I heard last night somewhere that Harry Reid, the Minority Leader in the Senate is not giving his back... hmmm... they mentioned a few more people also... I just wonder what their reasoning is? Will have to check it out more closely.
    The Scooter Store guy brought my new motorized chair yesterday and all the bright lights and paperwork have my head hurting like crazy so might not get much done today. I function pretty good in my room with dim lighting so days like yesterday set me back a day or two... Anyway, thanks for the comment and hat tip on this article. I live across the Ashland KY bridge in Ohio so this is kinda like hometown news... Regards
    - fc

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks Fat Cat for your comments,me and you are practically nieghbors,I read your blog daily,you got a good idea there we might should concentrate on the one's not giving back the money. Those motorized version chairs are nice,I've been trying to get mom to get one.