AlterNet: WireTap: Slavery Beneath the Golden Arches?

Posted: 1/23/2006 by Floyd in

[McDonald's buys tomatoes from a man convicted of human enslavement, according to this article. Last year AG-Mart recieved notice of 457 pesticide violations from North-Carolina and Florida agricultural officals fines totaling $294,500.]



  1. e4e here..saw you stopped by and read my rant- I am actually fairly sane....most you are welcome anytime..I love your blog and the Jefferson quote- so I will stick around for a bit and have a can come back over to the Enigma Cafe anytime...and sit and have a read and visit with the folks there- all good souls...You are from Kentucky...Most of the women that raised me- old southern grannies and aunties all from Kentucky and West welcome...if you have Stuart or Stewart in your family tree , play the spoons, doublejointed , or red hair- you just might be a cousin ?!. ( just kiddin')..Keep bloggin'...

  1. lily says:

    Enigma's a great gal, she kills me.
    These violations and abuses by these corporate agripigs really piss me off, by the way..

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks guys,they do wee us off a bit but I think if America has waken up,this election it just might be different,it keeps me busy just posting some of the things that need changing here but I hope that just some things is enough to wake up America. Its like if the Supreme Court moves off far to the right we will have to live with that for years to come,our Grandchildren will pay on down the road these guys of the Court never get fired,you are stuck with the crap they dish out for years to come. That is the reason the quote from Bush on abortion "we will pervail,"and he is right in a way this is something we will have to live with for years,all I have ever heard is how conservatives are against big government and this is the biggest I have ever saw,and the most controlling I might add but it to seems that a lot of people are passive on this. Hey stop by anytime and keep blogging,,ya hear..