The Terrorism Factor

Posted: 12/06/2005 by Floyd in

Only last night I posted a comment on this subject only to here this morning that another Terror attack was carried out in Baghdad,at this time the death toll is 27 or more. Which only backs up my belief that terrorism cannot be eliminated from our Society because there will always be someone that is insane enough to strap a bomb to thier bodies and harm innocent people,the Bush administration is living in a dream world thinking it is able to eliminate people such as this. These stories do'nt in any way make me feel badly on the part of Islam or Moslems and realizing they as a group are not responsible and the majority feel as bad as we do. As the media has portrayed time and time again that America in the past election has based a lot of thier votes on who can protect them but I for one am not buying that,Americans are much smarter than this. The people who carried out this act of Terrorism was female so knowing this we can't base any gender on these acts and for the administration to believe Iraq is becoming more safer is pure hogwash,Iraq if anything is becoming worse every day and a lot Americans have died there since this war has began and I don't see any end in sight anytime soon.


  1. Jim says:

    George Bush still thinks the Cold War is going on in which we have countries with very bad leaders and their own armies to attack us. That is not the way things are now. A relatively small number of crazies with box cutters can set things off.ktacqb

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for the comment Jim,and stop by anytime.