Posted: 12/30/2005 by Floyd in

It seems it's that time of year all of us dread,yesTaxes is here again but if you make over $200,000 a year it is possiable you'll recieve a break but by the year of 2010 or over you had better be in the million a year club to qualify. Bush went on a frenzy a few years ago proposing to give back the Clinton era surplus to folks and remember price is no object with this administration,just spend till you drop or go bust whichever comes first I wonder what the deficit is? Oh it do'nt matter anymore I think they're wasting time just printing up those figures but it does give them something to do. It is obvious that most of this country's tax burden is supported by the middle class and we always take the hit well,us and the nation's poor are always in the politicians cross hairs and if a tax cut does come about we'll never see it. My taxes have been on the increase for over three years and suppose the trend will continue and would love to here from those whose taxes have decreased,I truly would because I would love to see in action these so called tax cuts. I just hope some of you guys out there got a decrease because this would make the beaucratic BS more easy to swallow for me and I could rest easier knowing that someone is benefiting from these cuts that are in motion or is the middle class still bearing the burden?