Sucesses of 2005

Posted: 12/27/2005 by Floyd in

This according to the USA Today are the sucess stories of 2005: #1-make it harder for the average American to file bankruptcy,which wipes out most of thier debts-(example),If the average American gets in financial difficulties(and they probablly never will)this is a law that makes it hard on the average American while the credit card companies pocket 14/23 percent interest,this in turn will help the economy by forcing the individuals to pay off the debt and in the meantime they cannot buy anymore durable goods,this will help our economy. Bragging rights #2-legislation that dicouraged multi-million dollar lawsuits-(example)If you or a family member is killed by negligence due to a doctor or other health facility,your life or lifelong dissability can only be worth so much,this in turn helps the insurance companies,this can mean they can pass the savings down to the medical facilities and in turn help the economy. These are two bragging rights of the "right agenda"The war package is somewhere between 80 & 100 billion dollars,this on top of a 50 billion already,but really price is no object,the objective being spend till you go bust just get the money from programs set up for the so called needy Americans,and if that fails we can always look for the good ole working man to pay it. I went to the local grocery today and noticed again an increase in soft drinks,somewhere in the neighborhood of a dollar I have noticed increases on one thing or another all year. Poultry has also seen an increase in price,and sandwich meat you pack your lunch with has also gone up and another thing where is all those tax cuts? I'm paying more this year than ever,oh well as long as the economy is on the rebound we really can't complain we all must make our sacrifices.