Scenes of the past

Posted: 12/17/2005 by Floyd in

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Ancester; Dillon Asher on the right,
b. 05 Oct 1777,/d. Bef. 28 Dec 1844.
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hey sounds good already. This photo was very old and am impressed it came out looking not that bad,it was taken around 1844 I do history a lot and genealogy so thought I would go off the beaten path with something out of the main-stream. I mean if we constantly look at the problems confronting us in these modern times,we would go stir-crazy. Sometimes I wonder what our forefathers would think of us now? Then as Iraq moves toward Democracy,just think how long it's taken us to get where we are today,about 200 or so years. So when they sound upbeat about the progress over there I think about this and know they have a long road ahead of them,but at least they're headed in the right direction and they went through with thier election which is a good start. And don't get me wrong it probably had some flaws and would'nt be shocked if the media analizes and re-analizes it over and over for days. But I do'nt like to make my posts very long so I will end this one to say good luck Iraq,and keep it "FREE.'