Merry Christmas

Posted: 12/24/2005 by Floyd in

Since combat was officially declared endeded on May first 2003,at least 2,o25 military personel have died in Iraq. I have heard lately that Rumsfield has proposed a reduction in our troop force in Iraq,but we need to hope and pray that soon all of our troops will arrive back home. The election has taken place over there but did not go as we had planned,but they(Iraq)will have to govern themselves as they see fit and the United States can't play policeman to the entire world. I believe the cost is somewhere over 500 billion dollars but that is nothing compared to a human life,I tend not to look at this in dollars and cents but rather in the cost of human lives that are forever lost due to this war. I am so proud of this military and thier efforts over there and did not here to much about the weapons cache that they found,I figured all news agencies would be running with it by now but they're to busy analizing and reanalizing situtations,I guess? I am also happy to have read so many blogs commending our military and am grateful also that we somehow have a voice with blogger and so many others like it. As we keep all of the miltitary personnel within our prayers and let us also not forget that this great country of ours was founded by our forefathers who were leaving thier homelands because of religious beliefs. And let us hope and pray that our courts next year will interpet the law as a whole country and not a mere 10%,and this number is rather accurate,it seems a few make up the laws that all of us must follow it seems most of the time the courts side with about one person,because when they start this religious jargin the court just says"O.K.,joe blow down the street's kid do'nt want to cite the pledge of alligence,so the rest of you 90% comply also,"Hogwash,that's all it is. Well that's another matter,,Merry (Christ)mas all you bloggers and Merry Christmas to all military personnel and to all thier families,may God bless you all.