Kentucky leads nation in ATV-deaths

Posted: 12/19/2005 by Floyd in Labels:

ATV'S it seems are everywhere but here in Kentucky we live and die by them,the death rate for ATV riders grew faster in Kentucky than any other state. Kentucky lead the nation with 106 reported deaths from the years 2002/2004 this according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. West Virginia came in second with 93 deaths and there were 1,571 in the nation. there are increases in other states but not as fast. Among the ideas disscussed are a ban on sales of full-sized ATVs to children under the age of 16.(?) This should have happened years ago but it comes down to parents letting thier children ride dangerously,there are a lot of hills and gullies to ride into and if the supervision is off in any way it could lead to disaster. Classes are also essential on a farm near Murray,Lisa Hill and her husband Roy teach a class ,"The main thing we teach are the fundamentals,""Wear your safety gear,and have it on any time you're in your four-wheeler,how to start and how to stop,"most accidents occur due to the rider not following the rules. A four-wheeler is very heavy and riding dangerous(climbing steep hills)can do very much harm to us or one of our children.