Kentucky Immigration

Posted: 12/22/2005 by Floyd in

This is a follow up post I done earlier in the month on Immigration,found an article that relates to that very thing right here in Kentucky. Illegal immigrants could have a harder time finding employment if a new measure proposed by Rep. Rick Nelson is approved. Lets break it down as always if possiable; Employers could face $5,000 fines for employing illeagal immigrants who come to this country looking for work,employers will be held responsible for making sure all thier workers are in the country legally and have the proper paperwork,this according to the legislation. the employer who hires illegal aliens will face this stiff penalty,because this is an important issue. The state of Kentucky has so many illegal immigrants it would be hard cracking down on them individually and time consuming. Making the employers fess up would be easier on law enforcement to attend to other duties. "People and companies who employ illegal aliens are breaking the law,and they should be held accountable for that." This kind of action I believe would be good in that it targets the employers themselves,everyone I believe should have to pay thier fair share of TAXES and citizens should not be allowed to slide. "Illegal immigrants are a strain on our resources without paying taxes." So Kentucky seems to be moving in the right direction with this but it still requires passage,if people are here legally that's fine and dandy but if they are here illegally,we all end up paying for it in the end.


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