Immigration issue,big business grumbling.

Posted: 12/14/2005 by Floyd in Labels:

Reading through an article from the Washington Post which basically says,there is a split in the GOP on this one. It all comes down to big business and thier interests in the matter and that is they are always looking for cheap labor so they can line thier own pockets,take for example the restaurant industry which employs a fair number of illegals and thier argument "jobs Americans do'nt want." Well,,what about say twenty years ago did Americans want the Jobs? I suppose so since they did them and even I have worked in them from time to time,no my friends the real issue here is they (big business) want something for nothing and I for one am glad someone has the guts to do something about it. I am not in any way prejudice against any or types of people or against any religion,the matter at hand stems from the conditions in Mexico itself and I know the wage is aprox. 30 cents an hour,I guess that would make any of us run for the border. But big business has fought against any issue that takes a dollar out of thier pockets,we eventually will have to figure out something on this border issue because at the rate it's going we are going to have to pay some kind of high price for this. I mean with the arrests up aprox. 200% in southwest Texas that says something in itself and what gets me is Mr. Bush is avoiding the issue on this matter,as well as a lot more.