Honor them that serve

Posted: 12/26/2005 by Floyd in

Donald Rumsfield ate Christmas dinner with the troops and I thought it very nice of him to do so,while scanning the band I ran into another thing I believe that is worthy of mention and that is in Russelville,Arkansas a memorial is erected for the troops of the Iraq war. I was not personally in Iraq but believe that a memorial is a tremendous gesture from that city,while checking out the polls I noticed that people against the war support the troops as much as the ones who are happy about the war in Iraq. This we did not need a poll for because America knows already,I just wish that Viet-nam vets were treated likewise because I respect them also as much as anyone. When we go to war it is the governments resposibility,why you may ask,? Because they put us there in the first place. I think most right-wing christians are O.K. with this war,and that is fine everyone has thier own beliefs and I to believe in God and a resurrection,and my reading of the scriptures tell me that killing is wrong and having said this how can I as a christian condone an act of killing another person? Who am I to judge each and every nation on this earth,I was'nt appointed to do that and I do'nt believe anyone else was there is one who will judge all of us in the last day,and his judgement will be just.