GOP woes in Kentucky

Posted: 12/29/2005 by Floyd in

It seems that two Kentucky Supreme Court justices have excused themselves from a dispute over the special grand jury investigating Gov. Ernie Fletcher's administration for alledged personnel violations,this leaving it up to the governor to appoint thier substitutes. Chief justice Joseph Lambert released a single page order Tuesday excusing himself from the case and justice John Roach,a Flectcher supreme court appointee and former general counsel,removed himself from the case last week. In the Kentucky constitution it is stated that when two or more justicies decline then it's up to the governor to make appointments? Fletcher released a statement saying only that he would make the appointments,earlier in the month Kentucky Court of Appeals rejected Fletcher's move to shut down the special grand jury that has been investigating his administration since June. The grand jury in which Attorney General Greg Stumbo impaneled,has been investigating whether administration officials broke the law by basing rank-and-file personnel decisions on political reasons instead of canidate qualifications. Back in August Flecther pardoned nine people that had been indicted on various misdemeanor charges and anyone in his administration who could face charges.