The Big Lie

Posted: 12/14/2005 by Floyd in

This is a good name for conservatives who think Democrats have no agenda,here lately as I scan the blogger band I have read a lot of interesting things. It seems the right wing has an agenda and from what I've been reading they(the right wing)must be lying,it seems logical that if your party has messed up the whole country you would try to blame someone else. The right wing agenda to me is this: Keep abortion illegal,(this will solve a problem),restructure social security,(that's a good one),shut your ears to immigration,(real good)when things mess up bad and you lose control,(blame the Democrats,maybe America won't know they're the Minority),deficet,it don't matter,(sign every bill thats before you,money is no object),make sure CNN does my polls today,(very important),tell America everythings going fine in Iraq(I'm on a roll now),oh yeah,give an unqualfied individual a job,(maybe it won't come a hurricane),also,make sure to hide the fact that American troops are shipped home as freight,after they give thier life for thier country(keep the so called "liberal media" from reporting that.)This is a small amount of the right wing agenda and I hope this is a help to people wondering about these lies the right wing puts out.


  1. Jim says:

    I saw video of Bill Kristol, the editor of right wing Washington Times, backhandedly blame Bill Clinton for the President's recent home spying escapade. Kristol said he wished Clinton had used illegal wiretaps, so that we wouldn't have all these terrorists running around.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey I just noticed this comment Jim,I guess they could blame President Clinton,they've blamed everyone else.
    This wiretapping stuff,is on the road to socialism I think,because if this stands up why not take everything further? I value Liberty greatly.