Posted: 12/07/2005 by Floyd in

The agenda still remains unclear on what we do or are going to do in Iraq and the policy to politicize the situtation seems to be growing,as the media trys to rationalize what is happening in America and I don't think they have it yet. I ask a simple question as to what is our policy in Iraq? Do we have a plan to put in affect so we know a timetable to exit? It seems anymore every time you turn on the television the media is on there analizing everything and trying to put thoughts in our mind,and really all it is is confusion although they are entitled to thier opinion because thank God we still live in a free nation. What the admistration needs to know is not everyone in the world shares this view with us and once you have this figured out we could devise a clear plan to get out of Iraq,but until then we are in limbo and more Americans are dying over there. The Democrats also need a clear agenda on what they should present to the American people,I would think most are against us being in Iraq, without much progress and would not condone this action such as Lieberman has,I think they are not over there trying to stay alive and if it were them in Iraq they most assuredly would see it different.