101st. Airborne finds cache

Posted: 12/21/2005 by Floyd in Labels:

Zuwad Khalaf,Iraq- The one-hundred and first airborne has found another weapons cache in Iraq so says the a.p wire,says a report from the Lexington Hearld. Since I've heard lately how the election might be turning out in Iraq the news reporting to the effect that it might end up as another Iran. The soldiers were tipped off that the cache existed by an Iraqi and upon finding it they speculated it had not been there more than two weeks. Some of the 1,000 or more rockets and missiles had origins in Germany,Soviet,and France. 2nd. Lt. Patrick Vardaro,23 was quoted as saying: "The tide is turning,it's better to work with the Americans than against us." The more weapons that we find means that they want be used on us later and am glad to hear that a lot of the Iraqis are communicating better with our troops,I believe that most really do want to improve thier lives and will adopt a free society but the election did'nt surprise me that much seeing as this is all they've ever known,and if the election did'nt turn out as we might have hoped we should except that. So with this I will say congratulations 101st.,you do a great job as always. I almost forgot,Bravo-42,(logo)"Dirty,Mean & Nasty",you're the best,keep digging guys..