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It seems it's that time of year all of us dread,yesTaxes is here again but if you make over $200,000 a year it is possiable you'll recieve a break but by the year of 2010 or over you had better be in the million a year club to qualify. Bush went on a frenzy a few years ago proposing to give back the Clinton era surplus to folks and remember price is no object with this administration,just spend till you drop or go bust whichever comes first I wonder what the deficit is? Oh it do'nt matter anymore I think they're wasting time just printing up those figures but it does give them something to do. It is obvious that most of this country's tax burden is supported by the middle class and we always take the hit well,us and the nation's poor are always in the politicians cross hairs and if a tax cut does come about we'll never see it. My taxes have been on the increase for over three years and suppose the trend will continue and would love to here from those whose taxes have decreased,I truly would because I would love to see in action these so called tax cuts. I just hope some of you guys out there got a decrease because this would make the beaucratic BS more easy to swallow for me and I could rest easier knowing that someone is benefiting from these cuts that are in motion or is the middle class still bearing the burden?

GOP woes in Kentucky

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It seems that two Kentucky Supreme Court justices have excused themselves from a dispute over the special grand jury investigating Gov. Ernie Fletcher's administration for alledged personnel violations,this leaving it up to the governor to appoint thier substitutes. Chief justice Joseph Lambert released a single page order Tuesday excusing himself from the case and justice John Roach,a Flectcher supreme court appointee and former general counsel,removed himself from the case last week. In the Kentucky constitution it is stated that when two or more justicies decline then it's up to the governor to make appointments? Fletcher released a statement saying only that he would make the appointments,earlier in the month Kentucky Court of Appeals rejected Fletcher's move to shut down the special grand jury that has been investigating his administration since June. The grand jury in which Attorney General Greg Stumbo impaneled,has been investigating whether administration officials broke the law by basing rank-and-file personnel decisions on political reasons instead of canidate qualifications. Back in August Flecther pardoned nine people that had been indicted on various misdemeanor charges and anyone in his administration who could face charges.

Sucesses of 2005

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This according to the USA Today are the sucess stories of 2005: #1-make it harder for the average American to file bankruptcy,which wipes out most of thier debts-(example),If the average American gets in financial difficulties(and they probablly never will)this is a law that makes it hard on the average American while the credit card companies pocket 14/23 percent interest,this in turn will help the economy by forcing the individuals to pay off the debt and in the meantime they cannot buy anymore durable goods,this will help our economy. Bragging rights #2-legislation that dicouraged multi-million dollar lawsuits-(example)If you or a family member is killed by negligence due to a doctor or other health facility,your life or lifelong dissability can only be worth so much,this in turn helps the insurance companies,this can mean they can pass the savings down to the medical facilities and in turn help the economy. These are two bragging rights of the "right agenda"The war package is somewhere between 80 & 100 billion dollars,this on top of a 50 billion already,but really price is no object,the objective being spend till you go bust just get the money from programs set up for the so called needy Americans,and if that fails we can always look for the good ole working man to pay it. I went to the local grocery today and noticed again an increase in soft drinks,somewhere in the neighborhood of a dollar I have noticed increases on one thing or another all year. Poultry has also seen an increase in price,and sandwich meat you pack your lunch with has also gone up and another thing where is all those tax cuts? I'm paying more this year than ever,oh well as long as the economy is on the rebound we really can't complain we all must make our sacrifices.

Honor them that serve

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Donald Rumsfield ate Christmas dinner with the troops and I thought it very nice of him to do so,while scanning the band I ran into another thing I believe that is worthy of mention and that is in Russelville,Arkansas a memorial is erected for the troops of the Iraq war. I was not personally in Iraq but believe that a memorial is a tremendous gesture from that city,while checking out the polls I noticed that people against the war support the troops as much as the ones who are happy about the war in Iraq. This we did not need a poll for because America knows already,I just wish that Viet-nam vets were treated likewise because I respect them also as much as anyone. When we go to war it is the governments resposibility,why you may ask,? Because they put us there in the first place. I think most right-wing christians are O.K. with this war,and that is fine everyone has thier own beliefs and I to believe in God and a resurrection,and my reading of the scriptures tell me that killing is wrong and having said this how can I as a christian condone an act of killing another person? Who am I to judge each and every nation on this earth,I was'nt appointed to do that and I do'nt believe anyone else was there is one who will judge all of us in the last day,and his judgement will be just.

Merry Christmas

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Since combat was officially declared endeded on May first 2003,at least 2,o25 military personel have died in Iraq. I have heard lately that Rumsfield has proposed a reduction in our troop force in Iraq,but we need to hope and pray that soon all of our troops will arrive back home. The election has taken place over there but did not go as we had planned,but they(Iraq)will have to govern themselves as they see fit and the United States can't play policeman to the entire world. I believe the cost is somewhere over 500 billion dollars but that is nothing compared to a human life,I tend not to look at this in dollars and cents but rather in the cost of human lives that are forever lost due to this war. I am so proud of this military and thier efforts over there and did not here to much about the weapons cache that they found,I figured all news agencies would be running with it by now but they're to busy analizing and reanalizing situtations,I guess? I am also happy to have read so many blogs commending our military and am grateful also that we somehow have a voice with blogger and so many others like it. As we keep all of the miltitary personnel within our prayers and let us also not forget that this great country of ours was founded by our forefathers who were leaving thier homelands because of religious beliefs. And let us hope and pray that our courts next year will interpet the law as a whole country and not a mere 10%,and this number is rather accurate,it seems a few make up the laws that all of us must follow it seems most of the time the courts side with about one person,because when they start this religious jargin the court just says"O.K.,joe blow down the street's kid do'nt want to cite the pledge of alligence,so the rest of you 90% comply also,"Hogwash,that's all it is. Well that's another matter,,Merry (Christ)mas all you bloggers and Merry Christmas to all military personnel and to all thier families,may God bless you all.

Kentucky Immigration

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This is a follow up post I done earlier in the month on Immigration,found an article that relates to that very thing right here in Kentucky. Illegal immigrants could have a harder time finding employment if a new measure proposed by Rep. Rick Nelson is approved. Lets break it down as always if possiable; Employers could face $5,000 fines for employing illeagal immigrants who come to this country looking for work,employers will be held responsible for making sure all thier workers are in the country legally and have the proper paperwork,this according to the legislation. the employer who hires illegal aliens will face this stiff penalty,because this is an important issue. The state of Kentucky has so many illegal immigrants it would be hard cracking down on them individually and time consuming. Making the employers fess up would be easier on law enforcement to attend to other duties. "People and companies who employ illegal aliens are breaking the law,and they should be held accountable for that." This kind of action I believe would be good in that it targets the employers themselves,everyone I believe should have to pay thier fair share of TAXES and citizens should not be allowed to slide. "Illegal immigrants are a strain on our resources without paying taxes." So Kentucky seems to be moving in the right direction with this but it still requires passage,if people are here legally that's fine and dandy but if they are here illegally,we all end up paying for it in the end.

101st. Airborne finds cache

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Zuwad Khalaf,Iraq- The one-hundred and first airborne has found another weapons cache in Iraq so says the a.p wire,says a report from the Lexington Hearld. Since I've heard lately how the election might be turning out in Iraq the news reporting to the effect that it might end up as another Iran. The soldiers were tipped off that the cache existed by an Iraqi and upon finding it they speculated it had not been there more than two weeks. Some of the 1,000 or more rockets and missiles had origins in Germany,Soviet,and France. 2nd. Lt. Patrick Vardaro,23 was quoted as saying: "The tide is turning,it's better to work with the Americans than against us." The more weapons that we find means that they want be used on us later and am glad to hear that a lot of the Iraqis are communicating better with our troops,I believe that most really do want to improve thier lives and will adopt a free society but the election did'nt surprise me that much seeing as this is all they've ever known,and if the election did'nt turn out as we might have hoped we should except that. So with this I will say congratulations 101st.,you do a great job as always. I almost forgot,Bravo-42,(logo)"Dirty,Mean & Nasty",you're the best,keep digging guys..


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Kentucky leads nation in ATV-deaths

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ATV'S it seems are everywhere but here in Kentucky we live and die by them,the death rate for ATV riders grew faster in Kentucky than any other state. Kentucky lead the nation with 106 reported deaths from the years 2002/2004 this according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. West Virginia came in second with 93 deaths and there were 1,571 in the nation. there are increases in other states but not as fast. Among the ideas disscussed are a ban on sales of full-sized ATVs to children under the age of 16.(?) This should have happened years ago but it comes down to parents letting thier children ride dangerously,there are a lot of hills and gullies to ride into and if the supervision is off in any way it could lead to disaster. Classes are also essential on a farm near Murray,Lisa Hill and her husband Roy teach a class ,"The main thing we teach are the fundamentals,""Wear your safety gear,and have it on any time you're in your four-wheeler,how to start and how to stop,"most accidents occur due to the rider not following the rules. A four-wheeler is very heavy and riding dangerous(climbing steep hills)can do very much harm to us or one of our children.

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U.S. job search:
A booming market!!!
Plus read about the
new Medicare Package.

The other border

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Over the years as communisum seemed to be in it's last death throws there is one,yes one persistant state and that being Cuba or as I call it "Castro's country."Since the exodus has gone up in this fiscal year from last,I would conclude that things are getting worse in Cuba. This last little hold-out not more than about 90 miles from our coast has been a stigma in our eyes for years,I wonder after Fiedel is no more will the people come to thier senses and revolt? Many are making these home-made boats that are dangerous and endangering the lives of thier little children,things must be very decrepid to endanger not only your life but the lives of your children. The coast guard,still has my trust even though this article had me thinking a bit and I realise they can only do so much,this could eventually wind up like Mexico but there is a water barrier between us and Cuba so this crossing would be more dangerous. Noone enjoys living in a dictatorship but this one has seemed to survive the test of time. President Bush made his argument today about the Patriot Act and seemed to make a point,although I believe we should be concentrating on our border's and trying to make them more safe and secure. Cuba has painted itself more or less as a tourist meca,but its government has not changed much at all since Castro took power. It's sad to live in a country where you would rather take a chance in a home-made boat to escape than to live there,the exodus from Cuba is rising daily and do'nt see it becoming any less anytime soon. One more link.

Scenes of the past

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Originally uploaded by withinreason01.
Ancester; Dillon Asher on the right,
b. 05 Oct 1777,/d. Bef. 28 Dec 1844.
Actually I got bored so I am trying out this new picture photo deal at,I think if you try this
out you will like it. It's free to join,
hey sounds good already. This photo was very old and am impressed it came out looking not that bad,it was taken around 1844 I do history a lot and genealogy so thought I would go off the beaten path with something out of the main-stream. I mean if we constantly look at the problems confronting us in these modern times,we would go stir-crazy. Sometimes I wonder what our forefathers would think of us now? Then as Iraq moves toward Democracy,just think how long it's taken us to get where we are today,about 200 or so years. So when they sound upbeat about the progress over there I think about this and know they have a long road ahead of them,but at least they're headed in the right direction and they went through with thier election which is a good start. And don't get me wrong it probably had some flaws and would'nt be shocked if the media analizes and re-analizes it over and over for days. But I do'nt like to make my posts very long so I will end this one to say good luck Iraq,and keep it "FREE.'

House OKs Bill to Tighten Immigration Laws - Yahoo! News

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House OKs Bill to Tighten Immigration Laws - Yahoo! News

Someone must be reading blogger? Exact nature to what I talked about in my previous blog,we need to get a handle on these borders,so we can devert terror,we must keep our border more secure and it seems the politicians are moving in the right direction. Until we come up with some plan to keep them(the borders)more secure we are at risk,it is more of being a little more secure than an immigration issue and I know it's being treated in such a way but I am looking at it differant. See also my previous post on big business,because that's what it is about and I do believe everyone deserves a chance to live the American dream,what concerns me most is the terror issue involved here it's obvious the borders are most at risk and in need of "fixin." But I will be the first to say when something needs to be commended,and this does.

Senate Rejects Extension of Patriot Act - Yahoo! News

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Senate Rejects Extension of Patriot Act - Yahoo! News

Read how the patriot act is doing,the patriot act contains spying on America issues and should be considered by all of us. Everything we can do to combat terrorism should be done but not to hender our privacy. Privacy is important to America and fighting terror is also important,it bogs my mind wondering why the congress and senate can't get together and come up with some give and take on this issue. Together they could come up with provisions to be adopted to solve this privacy issue and move on,however if it endangers our privacy I would be just like them in saying hey guys let us come up with a better solution but I guess that's just wishful thinking. Wiretapping Americans don't seem to American to me this could be anything if they do'nt need a warrant to do it,I bet a lot of Republicans feel this way also.

The Big Lie

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This is a good name for conservatives who think Democrats have no agenda,here lately as I scan the blogger band I have read a lot of interesting things. It seems the right wing has an agenda and from what I've been reading they(the right wing)must be lying,it seems logical that if your party has messed up the whole country you would try to blame someone else. The right wing agenda to me is this: Keep abortion illegal,(this will solve a problem),restructure social security,(that's a good one),shut your ears to immigration,(real good)when things mess up bad and you lose control,(blame the Democrats,maybe America won't know they're the Minority),deficet,it don't matter,(sign every bill thats before you,money is no object),make sure CNN does my polls today,(very important),tell America everythings going fine in Iraq(I'm on a roll now),oh yeah,give an unqualfied individual a job,(maybe it won't come a hurricane),also,make sure to hide the fact that American troops are shipped home as freight,after they give thier life for thier country(keep the so called "liberal media" from reporting that.)This is a small amount of the right wing agenda and I hope this is a help to people wondering about these lies the right wing puts out.

Immigration issue,big business grumbling.

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Reading through an article from the Washington Post which basically says,there is a split in the GOP on this one. It all comes down to big business and thier interests in the matter and that is they are always looking for cheap labor so they can line thier own pockets,take for example the restaurant industry which employs a fair number of illegals and thier argument "jobs Americans do'nt want." Well,,what about say twenty years ago did Americans want the Jobs? I suppose so since they did them and even I have worked in them from time to time,no my friends the real issue here is they (big business) want something for nothing and I for one am glad someone has the guts to do something about it. I am not in any way prejudice against any or types of people or against any religion,the matter at hand stems from the conditions in Mexico itself and I know the wage is aprox. 30 cents an hour,I guess that would make any of us run for the border. But big business has fought against any issue that takes a dollar out of thier pockets,we eventually will have to figure out something on this border issue because at the rate it's going we are going to have to pay some kind of high price for this. I mean with the arrests up aprox. 200% in southwest Texas that says something in itself and what gets me is Mr. Bush is avoiding the issue on this matter,as well as a lot more. - News - Family Upset Over Soldier's Body Arriving As Freight

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2 - News - Family Upset Over Soldier's Body Arriving As Freight

This kind of cruel reality makes me sick to my stomach,this in my opinion is a disgrace. When I read this I was actually shocked that we would send our sons and daughters off to foreign lands
and when they've paid the ultimate price to be treated in this fashion,it is a national disgrace and
our leaders should hide thier faces in shame.

House Passes 3 Tax Cuts, Plans a 4th

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House Passes 3 Tax Cuts, Plans a 4th

This is a good one case and point,deficit,it do'nt matter,
right wing agenda; NEW FEES-MEDICAID
Read how we have the best economy in history????
We can't continue with a spend everything attitude and expect
things to get better,or can we?

Are we safe?

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This will be my third post that somehow connect to the same reasoning and relation to the same subject matter,no sooner had my other post been done than I was setting down at a local restaurant and bingo it happened,you know the CNN news grabbers. Someone had threatened to blow up a plane in Florida which has given me an idea to try and justify my comments lately and do'nt get me wrong as my saying goes "I'm not trying to beat a dead horse to death." But just as I have said in my previous post there is always going to be people out there like this that do these kinds of things,if that plane had been in the air when all this happened it would have been a very nasty situtation indeed and a lot of innocent people could have been hurt. We need to look more at society and social issues if we're ever going to get a handle on this and I for one don't have all the answers,but if I persue something and it is'nt working I try a different avenue otherwise I'm not accomplishing anything. As I said before we're no safer now than on 9/11 but I want to think we are,but I know it's wishful thinking,the media will analize and reanalize this situtation for weeks on end using one expert then another one, while being overly concerned about Mr. Bush's poll numbers.


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The agenda still remains unclear on what we do or are going to do in Iraq and the policy to politicize the situtation seems to be growing,as the media trys to rationalize what is happening in America and I don't think they have it yet. I ask a simple question as to what is our policy in Iraq? Do we have a plan to put in affect so we know a timetable to exit? It seems anymore every time you turn on the television the media is on there analizing everything and trying to put thoughts in our mind,and really all it is is confusion although they are entitled to thier opinion because thank God we still live in a free nation. What the admistration needs to know is not everyone in the world shares this view with us and once you have this figured out we could devise a clear plan to get out of Iraq,but until then we are in limbo and more Americans are dying over there. The Democrats also need a clear agenda on what they should present to the American people,I would think most are against us being in Iraq, without much progress and would not condone this action such as Lieberman has,I think they are not over there trying to stay alive and if it were them in Iraq they most assuredly would see it different.

The Terrorism Factor

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Only last night I posted a comment on this subject only to here this morning that another Terror attack was carried out in Baghdad,at this time the death toll is 27 or more. Which only backs up my belief that terrorism cannot be eliminated from our Society because there will always be someone that is insane enough to strap a bomb to thier bodies and harm innocent people,the Bush administration is living in a dream world thinking it is able to eliminate people such as this. These stories do'nt in any way make me feel badly on the part of Islam or Moslems and realizing they as a group are not responsible and the majority feel as bad as we do. As the media has portrayed time and time again that America in the past election has based a lot of thier votes on who can protect them but I for one am not buying that,Americans are much smarter than this. The people who carried out this act of Terrorism was female so knowing this we can't base any gender on these acts and for the administration to believe Iraq is becoming more safer is pure hogwash,Iraq if anything is becoming worse every day and a lot Americans have died there since this war has began and I don't see any end in sight anytime soon.